Monday, July 9, 2012

Mamavation Monday

Unfortunately my life has been turned upside down since coming to Texas but I'm dealing with it ok.

Well I say unfortunately but there's been a lot of positives too. I lost 1 lb this week. It was a tough week. I actually took off for West Texas last Monday and returned on Tuesday. A two day turnaround house hunt. Luckily I struck gold with house I went to check out.

I packed lite since it was a two day trip and I also packed my best friend from home and my 9 month old! Yes Ezra went along for the trip. He can be a little tricky to deal with so mommy brought him along. I have to say he did well. He slept like a champ the way back- 4 hour nap! I was so glad, I know I hate to see my babies upset. But I also packed a great bunch of healthy snacks to munch on during the drive. I did not drink any soda, I was so proud of myself! That's normally the first thing people reach for.

Anyhoo- I'm back home w/my parents and plan on doing some Nike workouts on my phone during Ezra's naptime from now on. I really want to drop 5 lbs or more by the time I see my husband again.. I've got 3 weeks to see him.. So I'm cracking down.  I have to add that I would LOVE to win an Omron Body Fat scale this week during Mamavation tv.

That's my week and I'm now returning to posting my daily journals as well. I'm so glad to be a part of the Mamavation community. They are all fantastic and are so supportive of each other.

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Mamavation Monday

We made it to Texas! Turns out my parents and Inlaws have become farmers- so there's so much fresh produce!! Yay!!

Since being here I've lost 4lbs. I'm assuming it the fresh veggies?? I've been eating a lot of soup type meals.. and Drinking water almost the whole time we've been here. Unfortunately I've not been able to workout. I'm still trying to figure that one out. But I have faith that it'll work itself out.
It's only been a couple days, but I'm trying to find the balance.

Hope everyone has a fantastic week!!

I'm super excited to listen in on the webcast this week!
Shout out to Mary Ann Kelly (@1980Dodge)  Welcome back! 

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sweepstakes Mama presents #Sweepstakes101 Twitter Party

Join the Sweepstakes Mama team for #Sweeptakes101!!

Learn to how to get started entering sweepstakes! And winning ofcourse! She will go thru tips to become a seasoned sweeper like her and take time to answer questions you might have! is an awesome site for the best sweepstakes online! We have a page for Instant Win games and our Twitter party calendar is updated daily!

Join us on Twitter at 9pm ET hash tag is #Sweepstakes101

RSVP by going to

Join @sweepstakesmama

Hope u can make it!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Mamavation Monday

And the farewell tour continues- gosh am I full of myself or what? Nah I'm not. I'm trying to be funny, but I'm really sad about moving. 

Here's my weekly Mamavation Monday post- I'm slowly realizing what I need to do to get back on track. I'm hoping that with the help of my parents & my mother in law I'll get some time to work on me as well as enjoy being home with my family and friends. I've already made Zumba dates with my sister in law :)  

This week Mamavation is focusing on healthy meals & snacks. I tend to stick to pre-packaged snacks that are marked with the Weight Watchers points for now. I've never really considered myself an actual snacker- I was actually in denial. I've noticed that sometimes I do reach for chips or whatever is out just because. I bought some natural almonds for those moments. It's helped a lot this week. 

My favorite healthy snack to prepare in advance for myself is fruit salad. No additives, just the fruit. I cut up a fresh pineapple, cut up strawberries, add grapes, blue berries, watermelon and orange slices store in a large plastic container and portion out cup sized portions when I feel the need to chew.. Fresh fruits are worth 0 points :)  yay!! And I pare it with a cold glass of ice water w/lemon. A cool and refreshing snack. I get my water and my fruit serving for the day. Ofcourse I might do this twice a day if I have time. Most days I only have time to do this once a day. 

Oh an update on last week's challenge- I did make 2 zumba classes as planned. My running plans were de-railed by farewell tour dinners and get togethers. But we did walk a ton at Seaworld on Saturday. The official move starts Wednesday. Keep our family in your prayers as we will be leaving daddy here in Tampa, while we go home to East Texas to be w/family before our next duty station of Goodfellow AFB in west Texas. Hopefully the move goes smoothly and we find a place as nice as our place & landlord was here in Tampa. 

Big Congratulations to Hanan & Wendy for completing the Mamavation Mom Challenge!! You ladies rocked it! So glad I was able to be a part of your campaign.

WELCOME to the Mamavation Sistahood:
Welcome Kelly (@dancingvalentin) and Pam (@Pamdemonium2) to Mamavation. Jody (@rantsnrascals) and Lorri (@lorrieloveable), we are thrilled to have you back.
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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

**The Skeptical Sweeper News**

Hi Everyone!
Just wanted to give you guys a heads up on what's going on with me!

I'm proud to announce that I am now a part of the Sweepstakes Mama team. For about a month now I've been learning the ins and outs of posting sweepstakes and being involved in the happenings with the blog. I was a part of the 20 minute chat held by The Motherhood last week. It was my first party type experience as a panelist and I was super stoked! It was a cool experience and looking forward to many more!

So if you haven't, go to and check out my posts and get to sweeping! Follow her site as well and you'll get emails when new sweeps are listed and you'll also receive emails each weekend with a round-up of all the new sweeps! You can also feel safe in knowing that all the sweepstakes we list are legit, I know that is a concern for a lot of people that want to enter sweepstakes but don't.

Also I will continue to post my Mamavation Monday posts but during the week starting next week will be touch and go. We are preparing for our move back to E. Texas and it's going to be a bit tricky. I'll be travelling back to FL in July to drive my car home and then we will head to west Texas and make our new home there courtesy of the US Army. Home will be intact by mid-August and the madness begins on Wednesday. (Yikes!) So you guys will see possibly a lack of posts regarding sweeping. As always I am always available if you have any questions- you can reach me via email or leave me a comment and I'll get back to you.

I will continue to blog here as The Skeptical Sweeper and hope to learn some new tips and technique and share with you all. I'll always be skeptical ya know. ;)

I appreciate my small following; you all really mean the world to me.

The Skeptical Sweeper

Monday, June 11, 2012

Mamavation Monday

Here's my weekly post to Mamavation.

This week was a little more hectic yet I felt more in control. If that makes any sense. I was able to watch my calorie intake and hydrate way more than normal. Positive on that aspect. The majority of my week consisted of working on my son's school yearbook. I was able to get it done on Thursday. Thankfully! I ran one day and went to an exercise class 2 last week. Wasn't what I'd hope to do but I was glad I got some exercise in. This week is Zumba week for me. Going to make 3 classes hopefully. And run 2 days. Hope to drop 2lbs by Saturday's weigh in. 

Wednesday was National Running Day- I was glad I got to get out and run with the group from Fit2Run at International Mall. 3 miles- in the heat & humidity were not easy. I ran the majority of it but walked some since I felt like I was overheating. No bueno. But it felt good. 

Last Saturday I attended a summer event at Weight Watchers and a representative from a running store told me that Jeff Galloway would be coming to his store the following Sunday (today!) and invited me to come out and listen to him speak. I have been getting Jeff's newsletters for about a year now. The idea of run/walk/run kind of makes me think I'd be copping out. But after listening to him speak today I am super excited to begin training using his method. 

Jeff Galloway schooling us on his method & why it works. 

I purchased one of the many books he's published and also purchased a interval timer so it will buzz when my run or walk time is up. I tried setting that up on my iphone and it was nutty! So I'm excited about this little contraption.  So that's me and Jeff. My husband told me not to get all nerdy on him, I was super excited to go listen to him. It made my day the he took the time and really spoke with everyone personally while he signed his book. Wasn't just a sign and get the hell outta here type event. I was very impressed.  If you ever get a chance to get to hear him speak- go! 

Me & Jeff Galloway 
The Running Center store
Carollwood- Tampa area

Oh and I wouldn't be the Skeptical Sweeper if I didn't participate in a raffle while I was there. I won a 2012 Disney Princess half marathon necklace! Yay me! 

Until next week Sistas! 

This post is sponsored by Joy Feldman and hosted by Mamavation – a community dedicated to obesity prevention & weight loss for women and I’m writing this to be entered into a giveaway

Welcome Shawn Ann (@ShawnAnn), Amy (@spotonwellness), and Pepper (@unicornbeauty) to Mamavation. We can’t wait to learn more about you!

Shout out to Wendy & Hanan!! Kicking butt and taking names mama's!! Awesome! 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Come Party with the Sweepstakes Mama Team 4 a chance to win $100 Gift Card!

Come join us the Sweepstakes Mama team! And your's truly; for the Moms Who Win Chat! This will be my first chat as a panelist! Very excited!   For participating in the chat you'll have a chance to win a $100 Wal-Mart gift card!!!

Leave me a comment if you are planning on attending! There's no RSVP but I want to make sure and say hello if you are there!!

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When: Thursday, June 7, at 1 p.m. ET.  We will chat for 20 minutes!
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Who: The all-text chat will be hosted by Shannon Schulte, blogger at Sweepstakes Mama.  Joining as co-hosts are these fantastic bloggers:

Alicia, Sweepstakes Mama, 
Candy, The Skeptical Sweeper,   THAT'S ME!! LOL 

Co-host Twitter IDs:

Host Twitter IDs: 

Monday, June 4, 2012

Mamavation Monday post

Ah the end of yet another week. Gosh I feel like a train wreck this week. It was bad.. But it's ok. I'm alright with it. I'm starting the week good. I drank 90oz of water today and ate a lot of fruit and stayed within my points. That's a good day in my book. I've got a workout schedule plan for the week and I'm sticking to it. I think I'm going to start adding pics to my journal entry for accountability. Just to be accountable I will say that I did gain 1.4 lbs. I totally knew I was going to with weight gained and i was so afraid it was going to be +5! Yeah it was that bad of a week.

 I need to find my pedometer and see if it works so I can begin tracking my steps each day. Do you track your steps? If so how many do you walk a day?

Shout out to Hanan & Wendy for being awesome daily inspiration! And to #babybookieboo Welcome little man! Congrats to the Segedie familia!

This post is sponsored by Omron and hosted by Mamavation – a community dedicated to obesity prevention & weight loss for women and I’m writing this to be entered into a giveaway.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Twitter Trivia- Yes You Can Win!!

Any trivia buffs out there? I know not exactly sweepstakes but bare with me. You've seen my posts regarding Twitter and how awesome it is to win sometimes multiple times a day.. (If you are lucky like some people..) Trivia can be a way to win! Yes- when a brand buzzes about Trivia check it out! You could get a Free Bloomin Onion like I did a couple weeks ago!

When I'm full on alert while on Twitter sometimes I'll notice a tweet about up coming trivia. Wednesday seems to be a hot day for trivia #WinItWednesday is a popular hash tag! Last week I won a a t-shirt from @PureBarre and this week I won some K-Cup coffee samples from @CafeExpress! I dont' normally like to talk about my wins because I want this blog to be about you! And your wins ofcourse! It gives me a sense of accomplishment knowing I helped you win!

Back on to #WinItWednesday.  I also wanted to share a photo of what came in the mail today- thanks to my dear Twitter.  Also some contests will only ask for a re-tweet -hey that's a no brainer- no work, just hit the little re-tweet arrow! Also make sure you follow the brand as well.

Thanks to @ScrubbingBubbles and a fellow Twitter friend I won a Scrubbing Bubbles prize pack that was delivered via UPS! Oh yeah.. UPS! Love it!

Sometimes brands will ask you to post a reply or re-tweet a statement including a fellow Twitter friend. When your post is chosen you and your friend that you listed in the post win! YES! A Two-For-One WIN!!  That doesn't happen in sweepstakes!!

Not sure if I'm that lucky, I'm becoming a Twitter hooker regular or just being a good person is helping me out with these but thankfully I've gotten lucky with #WinItWednesday.

I tell you what, leave me a post with your Twitter handle and when I see the, I call them "Partner" posts I'll post your twitter handle in there with mine and hope we are chosen to win!! Just make to keep an eye out for my tweets and make sure to follow the brand that we are tag-teaming for a joint prize! If not it won't work.. and the brand won't award us a prize.. Atleast I wouldn't if you didn't follow me.. hahaha.

I plan on posting once a week- hopefully more but it will just have to depend on what life has thrown my way that week.

I'll have another post hopefully on Friday to release some good news on my end.

So leave me your Twitter Handle and make sure to Follow Me @candypo  

Here's another question- do you think I should change my handle to @SkepSweeper ? I've contemplated it yet am not sure I want to make the complete plunge..silly I know.

The Skeptical Sweeper

Skeptical Still? Keep Reading, Start Entering so you can start WINNING!!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mamavation Monday

I'm actually submitting it a day late. I kept putting it off, for no reason..

So I actually worked out 4 times last week. I was very happy because after reading this post,237.0.html I started to realized that I need to amp it up. Yey, I'm starting off not so good this week since I haven't worked out since Friday. But the good thing was that I actually stayed the same. I didn't gain or loose..which I am actually happy with. I've been at the same weight for a couple of years now. It totally blows.. anyways. back to my success of the week. I didn't gain any weight. This week I am incorporating more ab workouts. I used an ab machine at the gym this past week and was so embarassed, it felt like my gut was preventing me from doing it correctly.. =(  Not cool. So Operation Gut B Gone is in full swing! Check out the ab machine pic below! Lol

Hopes for this week to be down 2 more lbs at the next weigh in on Saturday.  More ab workouts and more running too.  Looking forward to kicking butt this week.

These weekly Monday posts are linked up to the Mamavation Forum. For more information about Mamavation, please visit

With that I'm going to bed and hopefully posting some Sweeping news tomorrow! =)

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Monday

Happy Memorial Day everyone! It's a day I treasure. My husband, sister and brother in law proudly serve our country in the US Army. I think about all the men and women that have served in past wars and all the men and women that are currently serving.

Honor them everyday and Never Forget!

Happy Memorial Day everyone!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Mamavation Monday

Well it was another germ filled week at my house. I was sick half the week then my five year old got it the other half of the week. It sucked.. big time! So besides my daily 100 squats and 500 on Friday, nothing else was done.  Food wise, I was pretty good and didn't feel guilty about anything in particular and I've def upped my water intake. I hope to keep that up this coming week.

Other than illness, I completed my first full week on Weight Watchers.  I joined Saturday (5/12) and went for my first weigh in this Saturday- note worthy: Down 1.8 lbs =)  Which isn't awesome but it's a loss.. I'll take a loss! It'll always be better than a gain. Although Saturday & Sunday weren't point based- I'm hoping to pull it together this week and really get my workouts back up.  I'll be doing late night workouts with a couple of friends this week and I'll be running again.

I'm excited to run again, it's been a couple weeks. I'm going to be running on Wednesday with the group from Fit2Run- a running store at International Mall here in Tampa. I completed the half marathon training thru them. On Wednesdays they have free Fun-Runs and this week John Pyle will be running with us. Here's a link to his site  Mr. Pyle, a Sarasota, FL native, has been running across the United States with The Patriot Run Across America to raise awareness and $1 Million for the Wounded Warrior Project. I'm very excited! I'll make sure and post pics in next week's Mamavation post.

There's my share! Hope everyone has had a successful week!!

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Friday, May 18, 2012

Review & Giveaway! Dr. Scholl's For Her High Heels insoles

#FF Happy Fab Friday to u!!

$4.00 off Coupon for the First 3 Comments!

I will admit I'm not a huge fan of heels. Why you ask? Well for one- They HURT my feet! Enough reason for me!

Until now! Check out the awesome package I got in the mail yesterday!! 

I am a member of BzzAgent- an online website that offers it's "Agents" a chance to tryout new products and provide their input after trying. I was lucky enough to catch this offer and was accepted! Sometimes since my email is so bogged down with savings sites I miss these opportunities! (Insert sad face!) Who doesn't like Freebies! And when they are a new product out- It's even more AMAZING!

I received the insoles and quickly put on the highest heels I own! Oh yes- Check these mama-jamas out.

If you'll notice you can't see a bulky insole! It's clear and thin enough.

No- I've not actually worn them out.. b/c of the possible embarassment if I fall or twist my ankle and I can probably only stand them for about an hour.. sitting down.. Ha! Just kidding- You know what I mean. I'm def not going dancing in these things! LOL (Like I go dancing =( -Anyways!)

I wore them for an hour to do the hour test- Walking around my home, up our stairs and just getting around. I was afraid that the insole was going to slip- sweaty feet will do that. But I was pleased to see that they have a sticky backing to them! Dr. Scholl's also states on their packaging that the sticky will not ruin the shoes they are placed in! What a great PLUS!! The hour test proved to be pretty comfy! I was not uncomfortable at all and was very surprised that my feet were not killing me in the least bit!

Will I be braving the streets in my heels soon?! OH YES! With Dr. Scholl's For Her High Heels insoles,  I might even go buy a few more pairs of heels! Yes ladies, they felt that good! And since the backing isn't sticky and gooey I was able to remove and save for my next outing in possibly a different pair of heels!

With the awesome insoles, I also received a few coupons for $4.00 off! I have researched online for you and priced them between: $8.99 to $7.97.  With $4.00 off you'll be paying for them what you would pay for a combo meal at a fast food chain.  I'm asking that you leave me a comment in you are interested in receiving a coupon so you can try out the insoles as well! When you leave me a comment I'll reply with my email address so you can email me your mailing address so I can mail it out to you!

I've got 3 to give away! Do you want one??  Leave me a comment please!!

The Skeptical Sweeper

I am a member of and received The Dr. Scholl's For Her High Heel insoles to review and give out my personal opinion. I was not monetarily compensated by Dr. Scholl's or BzzAgent for my review.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mamavation Monday Post

It's the end of the 2 week challenge and I'm pretty bummed about my progress.  I will say that I actually had a down moment while I was cooking dinner the other night..

I never do this- I actually ate chips right out of the bag while I drank a soda.  I never snack, so I realized that I hit a very low point. I went to Zumba on Wednesday night, ran on Thursday, did my 500 squats on Friday and did about a 4 mile walk with a friend.  I've yet to do my 100 squats today, so after I post I'm gonna do those.

My goal is to do 100 squats a day and 500 on Friday. Eventually I want to go up to doing 500 a day and then doing the momentuous 1000 squats every Friday. My friend Krista and I are doing this challenge together. I got her started on Saturday.  We both have the thigh issue so we are doing the squats for our butts and our thighs. LOL

But since joining the Sistahood I will say that my outlook on fitness has gotten on brighter. The Sistas are fantastic and so encouraging. I am sad that I didn't reach out that binge day. I should have. Next time I will. 

This post is sponsored by Dole and hosted by Mamavation – a community dedicated to obesity prevention & weight loss for women and I’m writing this to be entered into a giveaway.

Sweeps are EVERYWHERE!

Part 1 of my series post on Where do I find Sweepstakes?
I gave you an insight on a few places you can find sweepstakes. I wanted to post a picture of something I found the other night. 

I thought it was funny, that I'm always on "alert" for sweepstake opportunities and to spot this was pretty darn funny.
Before heading out on our run I was hanging out at my friend Krista's house. I was waiting for her and on her kitchen counter I noticed this package of gum!

Hot Dog! It's a Sweepstake!

I wasn't even looking for a way to win! LOL If you've been scouring the net for sweepstakes you are familiar with this (IWG) instant win game. ****Update this giveaway has ended- but it was a great reference.****

Any and every drink, food, snack has a potential to offer a sweepstake so always keep your eyes peeled for a chance to win!

Skeptical Still? Keep Reading, Start Entering so you can start WINNING!!

The Skeptical Sweeper

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mail-In Sweepstakes

Ah the good old mail-in sweepstakes. A thing of the past? Absolutely not! An easy win? Possibly!

If you've been sweeping for awhile you are familiar with mail-in sweepstakes. If you are new to sweeps then read on!

A mail-in sweepstake is an entry that you send in via the U.S. Postal service. What you might ask does a mail-in entry require? Most entries ask for the following but are not limited to asking more:
Your Name
Your Address
Your DOB (date of birth)
Email address

You are to submit a handwritten 3x5 index card with the required information.

One index card per envelope per day or per entry period.

Always read the "Official Rules" of any and all sweepstakes you are participating in. Some times you are able to submit a mail-in entry for additional entries. Who doesn't want additional entries right?! I know I do!

So start reading each sweepstake that you enter! If it's really something you would like to win look into the possibility of submitting more entries via mail-in's.

Skeptical Still? Start entering, keep reading so you can start Winning!!

The Skeptical Sweeper

Monday, May 7, 2012

Mamavation Monday

My first week as a Sista was wild! On Monday night I joined in on the Twitter party with #Mamvation. I got my stuff together and pledged the Sistahood! I'd been wanting to join this online get healthy momma group since hearing about it; and finally did!
I began to feel a little sick on Monday and it just got progressively worse as the week went on. Needless to say no much working out on my part was done :(.

I went out on Monday night after party for midnight run with a friend. We did 20 mins of 2 min walk & 2 min run. Then added sets of lunges, buttkicks, bench jumps, high knees & a set of push-ups to the mix. I only did one workout this week. My little sister and in and I was very sick with a sore throat. But I did participate in a 5k race w/obstacle course at Disney's Animal Kingdom! So I got my extreme sweat on as it was humid as all can be and very hot!
I'll be going to the gym tonight & do. Class or two to make it back for the Mamvation Monday party. Last week wasn't so good, so I'm gonna really throw it down this week.

Thanks to everyone's encouraging words! It means a lot!

Continued success to the Mamavation moms and all the Sistas!!!

This post is sponsored by Dole and hosted by Mamavation – a community dedicated to obesity prevention & weight loss for women and I’m writing this to be entered into a giveaway.

Friday, May 4, 2012

#FF - Fabulous Friday - Win some cash!!!

Hey there everyone! How was your week?! Are you glad it's over?! I am!! Here at our home we look forward to the weekends. Family time and ofcourse lots of FUN!

What are you doing this weekend? Me.. well actually we are headed to Orlando this afternoon. Going to the Lego store so my son can pick out some Legos & I've got to pick up my race packet for the Disney's Everest Expedition race tomorrow night! Super excited! I'm doing it with my friend Krista as a team.  It's a 5k race so not too scared about this one, although it has some obstacles to get thru and a scavenger hunt! Very excited as this is my first Disney race and hopefully not my last.

So I was thinking today about sweepstakes. Unfortunately as time has not been on my side (as you have seen with my lack of posts =( } I ask you to think about sweepstakes. I've asked what you'd like to win, but have you thought about "Why you'd like to win?" It can be some work to get all registered and then make sure to enter each day to maximize your entries. I will admit it's annoying sometimes, but when you get that email saying you won it makes it all worth it!

The person with the fourth response will win $5.00 Paypal money. If you don't have a PayPal account it's a great idea to set one up. A lot of sweepstakes from blogs you can win a cash prize sent directly to your Paypal account. Who doesn't like instant cash-ola!!  If you don't have a PayPal account and would rather not set it up I can mail you a $5 bill. Your choice!

Good Luck!

If you haven't won anything lately, this could be your win! Leave me a comment answering:

Why you want to win and what sweeping strategy has worked best for you.

Remember- 4th comment listed wins!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sweepstakes 101 Twitter Party **TONIGHT**

Are you available tonight at 9pm ET? If you are Join me (I'll be tweeting to win also!) and participate in a Twitter party thrown by the "Queen of Sweepstakes," herself- Sweepstakes Mama!

Here's the info below! Hurry and RSVP to be eligible to WIN!! Good Luck to you!!! Hope the Skeptical Sweeper Readers are WINNERS tonight!

Join us for the #Sweepstakes101 Twitter Party tonight at 9pm ET!
Want to learn how to win frequently and BIG?
If you are new to Sweepstakes Mama, and want to learn how to organize your bookmarks, find local sweepstakes, or have any sweepstakes related questions, we’re here to help!
Join us for a fun chat and let us help you get on the road to winning!
Be sure to follow @SweepsMama, @SweepMamaAlicia, and  RSVP here to be eligible to win a few fun surPRIZES!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Where Do I Find Sweepstakes?? Part 1

That's one of the first questions I am asked, "Where do I find the sweepstakes!?" Great question! Sweepstakes are sneaky little things, unless your feelers are on you can find them everywhere! Yes! They are everywhere. 

Here's Part 1-

Your Local Grocery Store
Every grocery store there are chances to win! Not necessarily sweepstakes being conducted by the actual grocery store but individual companies with products in the store. In the canned aisle sweespstakes can be advertised on the cans of different products! 

Canned aisle- A lot of soups have Educational Box Top slips that can be used to give your local school $0.10 for every top- what you don't know is that if you go to the Box top website there are sometime weekly sweepstakes that can double your contribution to the school or give you even more! That's a good thing to do for your local schools. I normally don't posts sweepstakes but this is a great sweep-stake that can benefit a lot of children. Gotta love that! 

Candy section- Sweet sugary goodness and a chance to win?! Say it aint so! YES-YES-YES! Packages of candy will be have that favorite phrase "Chance to WIN" plastered over it. There's always a chance to win some candy and money! Scan the candy stand as you are waiting in line to check out. Also if it's a candy that you enjoy it's a win-win situation. 

At the door- Yes! Some grocers have local sweepstakes that they put on so their customers can keep coming back! At our local grocery store back home they run several promotions I think about twice or more a year with either scratch tickets or board game themed. The more you shop there the more pieces of the puzzle you pick up and you could win BIG! 

Sweepstakes are every where online.  All you have to do is go to your favorite search engine, (ie., Yahoo, Google, Bing, etc) type in SWEEPSTAKES and you are off to a great start! The search engine can also take you to the different blog sites that provide lists and endless lists of sweepstakes. If you want easy access to sweepstakes I say sign up! If you enjoy the thrill of the hunt skip signing up for the sites. The websites provide a great service to readers by listing a lot of sweepstakes daily. Some even list the "HOT" winnable sweepstakes at the top of the page! 

I am a member of two different websites and frequent a site that lists a lot of instant win games. I enjoy the instant win games. Message me if you'd like to know which sites I frequent. 

Facebook, Pintrest & Twitter are also great sites to go thru for sweepstake notices. A lot of companines and brands will have a Facebook promotion and a Twitter- so if you are a member of both communities hey that's two chances for you to win! Some can be local sweepstakes, national sweepstakes or just specific for their Facebook and or Twitter followers. Even Pintrest has chances to win! Depending on who you follow or have "Re-pinned," you can come across a chance to win.   

Quick post for today! I will continue the places you can find sweepstakes in the coming days. With sweepstakes the possibilities are truly endless and if you look you will find them! Getting the win comes with persistence as well. 

Remember you can't win if you don't sign up! 

Skeptical Still?  Keep reading, start entering so you can start WINNING!!  

Candy -
The Skeptical Sweeper 

Friday, April 13, 2012

Wishing you a #FF Fabulous Friday!

It's Friday and I'm very happy! A few reasons for my happiness/excitement :

1)  It's Friday! End of the work/school week for my family so we can have some fun this weekend!

2)  The Ultimate Blog Party 2012 began today! Well the registrations the partying begins on Monday, April 16th with a Twitter party from 9pm-10:30pm eastern time! Be there or Be Square!!

3)  My son has a baseball game in the morning! Ezra and I will be rooting him on while daddy stands along the fence doing some daddy coaching.. LOL

4)  Take time to relax and enjoy our family time.  The work week can get so busy

5) My last long run with Fit 2 Run in training for the Iron Girl Half Marathon next weekend in Clearwater, FL! Goodness I can't believe it's next weekend already!! It's my first half marathon. I've been training since January so I'm looking forward to completing it.  I told my husband last night that I will be purchasing my 13.1 bead to go on my Pandora bracelet and a couple stickers/magnets with the 13.1 for my car!! If they made a shirt, I'd buy it too! I'm almost sure they do! It's a feat I've never in my life ever even considered attempting, so I'm really proud of myself.

Anyways enough about me! Tell me about you?! Is there something you are excited about for this coming weekend? Or in the near future?

Have you tried out a Twitter party yet?! If you haven't come out to the #UBP12 Twitter party on Monday. You must RSVP- You can do so here:

When you "see me" at a party say hello!! Remember I'm @candypo on Twitter.  SkepticalSweeper is too long for a Twitter Handle so I need to get creative.. soon!

Okie dokie guys and dolls! Leave me a comment- You never know what post I'll be choosing the $5 Amazon code winner from.  One a month and we are half way thru the month..

Skeptical Still? Keep Reading and I hope you have started entering.. Let me know if you win something!!

Candy -
The Skeptical Sweeper

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

2012 Ultimate Blog Party -1st Timer Here!!! Join Me!

I follow Susan & Janice the ladies that are @5minutesforMom , check them out for the past four years have put on a huge blogger party called the Ultimate Blog Party- This is their fifth year for the party. The number of participants increases every year and I can say that it will be growing by one more for sure since I have decided to join in on the fun! I'm still trying to figure it out. It seems like a lot of fun! A couple Twitter parties (Who doesn't LOVE Twitter parties?!- This girl does!) and even some Spreecast (actual online video chatting party- very cool to be a part of! Just have to remember to put some make up on! So I'll be ready for my close up!)
If I have peaked your interest go check out the site and get more information on how you can win! Or if you have a blog of your own you can grow your blog but donating a prize and get publicity! Either way it's going to be a lot of fun!

The party starts goes LIVE at midnight on Friday, April 13th and runs thru April 20th! Yes- I know it's this Friday! But LOTS of chances to win during the 7 day period! But don't waste time and get over to and RSVP when the Linky goes LIVE!

Hope to see some of my readers there!


Ultimate Blog Party 2012

Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Great Grid- TweetGrid

There it is! See picture above. I call it "the great" because I feel that it is. I have been using TweetGrid for five months now and have found its the best way to keep up during a Twitter party.

How many of you have attended a Twitter party by watching your feed only to give up because you couldn't keep up? I did when I first started. Then I researched parties and came across the wonderful and started trying out the different sites that ran feeds on Twitter for parties; (this one being the best by far.)

By being able to enter the hash tag and then only view tweets going to the one hash tag it keeps you in the loop of the conversation during the chat. Another genius appeal to it is the ability to have multiple feeds going in each column. If you are attending a party with multiple hosts and panelists you could possibly miss a question if you don't have them all listed, hence missing out on a great prize.

Note: Some chats require you answer all of the questions posted to be eligible for all or specifically the grand prize. Who wants to miss out on prizes?! I sure don't! Always pay close attention to the RSVP page so that u include all important people during chat.

Below you can see a screen shot of the grid. Depending on how many hostesses or panelist are involved you have a lot of choices as to how you want to look at the grid. I like it simple and usually go with 1x3, 1x4 or at the most 1x5.  In some cases the parties will tweet out a custom tweetgrid-check it out and if it's too busy for you go with what you know and feel most comfortable with. I like the simple ones.

As you can see here's the 1x3 grid. I follow the same routine on how I set up my grids, again it's up to you. I like to have the host on the left column, the hash tag in the middle and my feed on the right. I highly recommend that you always have your feed showing. When you win you will always receive a tweet and it will pop up in your feed and also if someone re-tweets you or asks you a question. It's handy. 

As the party gets going the feed will continuously go down what I do to help in case I miss out on something is have the hostess actual Twitter page up as well. You are probably thinking at this point "Are you kidding me! All this work for a measly prize?!"  But once you do it a couple times it becomes second nature and you don't even think about it. Trust me! Having the host's Twitter page up can help in case the feed is coming in a little slow you might be able to jump the gun and answer the question before anyone else at the party. There are some parties that reward the first correct answer. Again- keep an eye out for the rules and guidelines. 

For Tweetgrid that is pretty much it. Remember to give yourself enough time to get your grid set up. Login and get your hashtag entered. Make sure you have the hash tag and hosts names entered correctly, nothing like being a party and not realizing your hash tag has been wrong the whole time! Epic Fail! =(  Sometimes someone will point it out to you if they are nice. If not you are on your own. Don't be at everyone's mercy double check your grid before the mayhem begins. 

1- First & foremost RSVP! You never know if there will be a special prize for RSVPing. 
2-Set up your Tweetgrid ahead of time. Double check your spelling!
3-Make sure you are following the Host (Most important) the Brand (ie.@clorox) and the panelists.
4-Keep the host's Twitter page open and check when you see updates!
5-Follow along and happy partying!! 
6-Make friends with fellow party goers!! I believe in networking!  

If you have any questions please comment below! I'm here for you! and I hope you win too!! 

Still Skeptical? Start Partying, Keep Tweeting & You'll be WINNING soon enough! 

Monday, March 26, 2012

I'm back!

After what seems an eternity I am back to working on my blog. My family took a bit of an "extended" spring break and we are now getting back into the routine of daily life.

I tried to "disconnect" a bit from the wired world, sweeps and twitter parties. I will tell you that I did not sweep while away but I did join in on a couple parties. It's an addiction.. I'm afraid. An addiction that I'm dealing with and only allowing a party here and there now. Def a work in progress.. Have you joined in on one yet?!

Anyhoo back to being back- This week I hope to get into the different ways of winning on my dear Twitter. There are various ways that you can feel the rush of winning without even having to log into a tweetgrid or tweetchat for a party. The Trivia Questions.  Oh yes you can win doing trivia! So Trivia buffs get on your marks!

Speaking of Tweetgrid and Tweetchat, I will go into both of those formats for Twitter parties as well this week.     Instead of just watching your feed on Twitter during a party you can actually modify so that you are only viewing tweets for the specific party you are chatting in.

As most of you know this is my first blog, my "baby blog" as I like to call it; I'm still very new at blogging and am hoping to get creative with my posts.  Including pics and possibly doing a video blog here and there. I'll be adding video-blogger to my title! Snazzy! But nothing to crazy, I just want to slowly expand to new medias and see where this takes me. I'm not out to conquer the world but so far this is fun.

Which brings me to the question of the post- Do you have a blog? Do you have any desire to blog? Yes-No If you do or don't what's keeping you from doing it?

I plan on adding incentive to my atleast one blog post a month beginning in April. Possibly a $5 Amazon code.. What do you think? Remember I'm small time.. =)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Instant Gratification - Twitter Part 2

Instant gratification. The faster it happens the happier I am. During the month of January & three weeks of February I felt it everyday! I won pretty much every day except Sat-Sun (I don't do sweeps during the weekend).  I won from doing trivia and or participating in Twitter parties. The trivia or re-tweet contests are too easy not to do. The message will say "RT for a chance to win," so all you have to do is hit the nifty little Re-Tweet button and you're entry is received. No sign up for this blog, follow me here or there just Re-tweet. Of course I must add that you will need to follow the brand or person on Twitter to even be considered to win. But that's too easy right.

Chat online for an hour and during that hour you could potentially win a prize. What's easier than that right! Unless random chooser isn't on your side it's still a lot of fun to chat during a Twitter party. Either way it's an hour lost. Sometimes I think to myself that I'm just making time fly by doing these parties. Possibly trying to talk myself out of doing them but then "winning" takes over and tells it to hush. LOL

What if anything intimidates you about this process? Because it is intimidating, (or it is at least it is to me) I compare it to being the new kid in town. It can actually be like that at every Twitter party you participate in unless you develop friendships with other bloggers and twitter party-ers.  I'm not saying trade your bff's for the ladies online, just be able to sign into a chat and say, "Oh there's @candypo ! I wonder if she's won anything or which party she's going to after this one!" The more I see it, the more I think the world really revolves by networking.  That's why I highly recommend also joining in on a sweepstakes website such as  A lot of us" sweepers" "run" in tight circles where we bounce off of one another during parties. There was recently a party that the hosts were put in Twitter "jail" and myself and another fellow online friend were asking the special guest questions! We became the hosts for the party at that moment. It was very funny. Did you noticed Twitter "jail?" The Twitter Gods have deemed that certain people can only "tweet" so many times per day. I myself have been placed in jail a few times. My account is held and I can't post any more tweets. I can't even send a message, it's complete Twitter lock-down.  Pretty sad, huh? Eh, it gets better. Just taking watching my tweets from now on.

Most recently I noticed I surpassed the 10,000 mark for tweets! I should have paid more attention I would have done something cool. Oh well.. maybe at 20k? LOL

Have you tried out a Twitter party yet? Have you won?? Share with us! This blog is meant to share my experiences with doing sweepstakes and winning-sometimes.  I would like for it to be interactive so that my readers also share in their winnings and or experiences as well.  

Friday, March 9, 2012

The Balancing Act

My family and I will be taking a Spring Break vacation and I will be away from blogging during this time. Let's face it I can'y stay away. My posts may be a little shorter, but I am sure I'll be online to post a few blogs while on vacay.

I won't however, be participating in Twitter parties during this time; or at least not for my own personal purposes. I'm planning on doing a tutorial with a friend of mine. 

Recently a friend and fellow blogger posted a blog about finding the balance between being online doing sweeps and having time to do everyday chores and having family time. Check out her blog post here:  Check out her site too

I have spoken to other friends about the time they spend entering sweeps and being online for Twitter parties or searching for sweeps and etc.  Some of it may sound alarming to people that aren't normally "connected" as I like to call it aka being online.  Being on the computer isn't the only way you can be connected or online; you can be via your mobile phone, tablet or iPad or worst all of the above at the same time.  I have found that when I'm not sitting in front of my computer I check email, Facebook and Twitter on my iPhone.  You would hate to miss an email letting you know you won something right? It's part of the madness.. LOL 

How do you find your balance? Do you struggle with having to decide on what you want to do because of lack of time? Leave me a comment on what your struggles are with balancing life and fun. 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Great World of Twitter Pt 1

Are you on Twitter? Are you active in tweeting? What celebrities do you follow & do they follow you back?

I have had a Twitter account since May of 2009- I must say I'm really impressed, I just looked up my join date. I only really began using my account last summer more heavily. I started off not sure of what the point of Twitter really was. It's not like Myspace or Facebook, it's totally different.  You can update your status but once you post it, it goes down the line when others that you follow post. A long time line that can loose your thoughts very quickly if no one is paying attention. I liked the idea of that type of anonymity. I followed a lot of celebrities and no of the followed me back so if I posted something to them they were probably not going to see it or even respond. My how that has changed. I have had several, I like to call them "Rock Star" moments with different celebrities either re-tweeting my tweets to them or actually answering a question I tweeted to them. Awesome! It rocks my socks what can I say.

Celebrities in my eyes are the ladies that have blogs that I would say are pretty huge in the blog-sphere, actors from tv shows some reality and some not and a football player, (only one #88 GreenBay Packer). Most recently Amy Brennemen () from Private Practice was online and I posted a question for you. Low and behold she answered me back. I was stoked!  Dont' get me wrong it's not all about star power, I also have actual physical friends and friends I've made since being on Twitter along with my two sisters. I kind of made them join since they saw I was having so much fun and winning by joining in on Twitter parties. It took me awhile to figure Twitter out and I must say I'm still learning. There are ways to filter your feeds so you only see tweets from people you really want to see tweets from and so on. Like I said I'm still learning. We can learn together! =)

This is a testing the waters post on what you know about Twitter.  Please reply with how long you've been on Twitter of if you've signed up for an account yet. What's stopping you from jumping in with the rest of us fellow Tweeps or what do you want to do with your account.  It's your voice and you can pretty much say what you want as long as it's not offensive or derogatory and of course it all depends on who's reading your posts. Do you have a blog? Have you linked it to your Twitter & Facebook account?

Again this isn't a sweepstakes post but it's related to winning in the way that if your successful in Twitter you can win  a lot of prizes answering trivia, doing scavenger hunts and participating in Twitter parties.

You can def be skeptical about the whole Twitter process. But you can choose to be open to it and give it a try just to see if it's something you want to learn more about.  Call it a waster of time or your time to win!

Once I get a feel for the questions some of you might have about Twitter, I will go more in depth into what works for me while using Twitter.

Skeptical Still? Keep reading... We will learn to trust in the process together.

Monday, March 5, 2012

SheStreams 2012

Since beginning to blog in January of this year I have made such wonderful connections with women all over the U.S. I have been shy to the process of blogging but am becoming more aware of why I decided to do this. It's my voice- as simple as that.  Thankfully living in the country that we live in we are able to speak our minds freely-Thanks to all of you who are members of our military and all those who support them as well.

I am a member of the Latina Mom Bloggers a wonderful group of Latinas that offer support to latinas like myself that are just starting out in blogs. I will be missing out on a wonderful conference in Miami in April, but when I saw SheStreams 2012 being held in Ft. Lauderdale (just four hours away from me) I said to myself- this is a great conference to join in on. Latina Mom Bloggers is a Media partner for the SheStreams 2012 conference. The conference itself is going to be two days of amazing information regarding social technology and how it can benefit our brands.

I am putting myself out there to the chance that I may win the All Access Conference Pass & Hotel Giveaway from Latina Mom Bloggers.  I think it would be fantastic conference to attend and hopefully make some wonderful networking connections.  As part of the contest I was asked to post a blog about the conference to be included as an additional entry. 

I hope I win! I'll keep you posted! 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Making Your Mark in March Giveaway!


Welcome to the Making Your Mark. In March $200 Beauty Products Giveaway Event!


You have a chance to win $200 worth of mark. products PLUS ‘Get Positively Beautiful: The Ultimate Guide to Looking and Feeling Gorgeous’ Paperback Book by Carmindy (a $15.99 Value)!

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PICTURES of EACH product can be seen by CLICKING HERE! :)

  The giveaway will run from March 1 till the 15th (ending at 11:59PM EST on 03/15) but the winners will not be announced until March 17, 2012 so we can make sure that everyone who entered followed all the rules. I made sure to double check the links and made sure everything was working but if you run into any problems, let me know! This giveaway is open to U.S. & Canada readers only – we wish we could include international readers as well but we hope you guys understand. (If you're in Canada, please check our Giveaway Policy to make sure you qualify to enter You may be asked to answer a question if you win.) Must be 18 years old & older to enter. Winner will be chosen using Winner will be e-mailed & will have 48 hrs. to reply or we have no choice but to pick another winner. The Rafflecopter will be split & the links will be put on 3 pages. Just in case it doesn't work below, here are the links to find the follow links for Facebook, Twitter, & Google+. Below are the following blogs who helped sponsor in this giveaway along with the Rafflecopter! We all have the same Rafflecopter code so just as long as you enter in one blog, it’s okay – as long as you make sure to visit each blog to follow them according to the Rafflecopter form below (we check for duplicate entries)! ALL ENTRIES WILL BE VERIFIED so please don't try to cheat. ;) Good Luck!
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Making you Mark in March Giveaway!

As promised here is another giveaway for the month of March! If you LOVE Mark products this one is for you! Check out the giveaway for full details & make sure to sign up!! Hopefully one of my readers will win the giveaway!

Make your Mark in March by signing up for this giveaway and my blog!