Thursday, May 31, 2012

Twitter Trivia- Yes You Can Win!!

Any trivia buffs out there? I know not exactly sweepstakes but bare with me. You've seen my posts regarding Twitter and how awesome it is to win sometimes multiple times a day.. (If you are lucky like some people..) Trivia can be a way to win! Yes- when a brand buzzes about Trivia check it out! You could get a Free Bloomin Onion like I did a couple weeks ago!

When I'm full on alert while on Twitter sometimes I'll notice a tweet about up coming trivia. Wednesday seems to be a hot day for trivia #WinItWednesday is a popular hash tag! Last week I won a a t-shirt from @PureBarre and this week I won some K-Cup coffee samples from @CafeExpress! I dont' normally like to talk about my wins because I want this blog to be about you! And your wins ofcourse! It gives me a sense of accomplishment knowing I helped you win!

Back on to #WinItWednesday.  I also wanted to share a photo of what came in the mail today- thanks to my dear Twitter.  Also some contests will only ask for a re-tweet -hey that's a no brainer- no work, just hit the little re-tweet arrow! Also make sure you follow the brand as well.

Thanks to @ScrubbingBubbles and a fellow Twitter friend I won a Scrubbing Bubbles prize pack that was delivered via UPS! Oh yeah.. UPS! Love it!

Sometimes brands will ask you to post a reply or re-tweet a statement including a fellow Twitter friend. When your post is chosen you and your friend that you listed in the post win! YES! A Two-For-One WIN!!  That doesn't happen in sweepstakes!!

Not sure if I'm that lucky, I'm becoming a Twitter hooker regular or just being a good person is helping me out with these but thankfully I've gotten lucky with #WinItWednesday.

I tell you what, leave me a post with your Twitter handle and when I see the, I call them "Partner" posts I'll post your twitter handle in there with mine and hope we are chosen to win!! Just make to keep an eye out for my tweets and make sure to follow the brand that we are tag-teaming for a joint prize! If not it won't work.. and the brand won't award us a prize.. Atleast I wouldn't if you didn't follow me.. hahaha.

I plan on posting once a week- hopefully more but it will just have to depend on what life has thrown my way that week.

I'll have another post hopefully on Friday to release some good news on my end.

So leave me your Twitter Handle and make sure to Follow Me @candypo  

Here's another question- do you think I should change my handle to @SkepSweeper ? I've contemplated it yet am not sure I want to make the complete plunge..silly I know.

The Skeptical Sweeper

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mamavation Monday

I'm actually submitting it a day late. I kept putting it off, for no reason..

So I actually worked out 4 times last week. I was very happy because after reading this post,237.0.html I started to realized that I need to amp it up. Yey, I'm starting off not so good this week since I haven't worked out since Friday. But the good thing was that I actually stayed the same. I didn't gain or loose..which I am actually happy with. I've been at the same weight for a couple of years now. It totally blows.. anyways. back to my success of the week. I didn't gain any weight. This week I am incorporating more ab workouts. I used an ab machine at the gym this past week and was so embarassed, it felt like my gut was preventing me from doing it correctly.. =(  Not cool. So Operation Gut B Gone is in full swing! Check out the ab machine pic below! Lol

Hopes for this week to be down 2 more lbs at the next weigh in on Saturday.  More ab workouts and more running too.  Looking forward to kicking butt this week.

These weekly Monday posts are linked up to the Mamavation Forum. For more information about Mamavation, please visit

With that I'm going to bed and hopefully posting some Sweeping news tomorrow! =)

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Monday

Happy Memorial Day everyone! It's a day I treasure. My husband, sister and brother in law proudly serve our country in the US Army. I think about all the men and women that have served in past wars and all the men and women that are currently serving.

Honor them everyday and Never Forget!

Happy Memorial Day everyone!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Mamavation Monday

Well it was another germ filled week at my house. I was sick half the week then my five year old got it the other half of the week. It sucked.. big time! So besides my daily 100 squats and 500 on Friday, nothing else was done.  Food wise, I was pretty good and didn't feel guilty about anything in particular and I've def upped my water intake. I hope to keep that up this coming week.

Other than illness, I completed my first full week on Weight Watchers.  I joined Saturday (5/12) and went for my first weigh in this Saturday- note worthy: Down 1.8 lbs =)  Which isn't awesome but it's a loss.. I'll take a loss! It'll always be better than a gain. Although Saturday & Sunday weren't point based- I'm hoping to pull it together this week and really get my workouts back up.  I'll be doing late night workouts with a couple of friends this week and I'll be running again.

I'm excited to run again, it's been a couple weeks. I'm going to be running on Wednesday with the group from Fit2Run- a running store at International Mall here in Tampa. I completed the half marathon training thru them. On Wednesdays they have free Fun-Runs and this week John Pyle will be running with us. Here's a link to his site  Mr. Pyle, a Sarasota, FL native, has been running across the United States with The Patriot Run Across America to raise awareness and $1 Million for the Wounded Warrior Project. I'm very excited! I'll make sure and post pics in next week's Mamavation post.

There's my share! Hope everyone has had a successful week!!

This post is sponsored by Mamavation – a community dedicated toobesity prevention &weight loss for women and I’m writing this to be entered into a giveaway

Friday, May 18, 2012

Review & Giveaway! Dr. Scholl's For Her High Heels insoles

#FF Happy Fab Friday to u!!

$4.00 off Coupon for the First 3 Comments!

I will admit I'm not a huge fan of heels. Why you ask? Well for one- They HURT my feet! Enough reason for me!

Until now! Check out the awesome package I got in the mail yesterday!! 

I am a member of BzzAgent- an online website that offers it's "Agents" a chance to tryout new products and provide their input after trying. I was lucky enough to catch this offer and was accepted! Sometimes since my email is so bogged down with savings sites I miss these opportunities! (Insert sad face!) Who doesn't like Freebies! And when they are a new product out- It's even more AMAZING!

I received the insoles and quickly put on the highest heels I own! Oh yes- Check these mama-jamas out.

If you'll notice you can't see a bulky insole! It's clear and thin enough.

No- I've not actually worn them out.. b/c of the possible embarassment if I fall or twist my ankle and I can probably only stand them for about an hour.. sitting down.. Ha! Just kidding- You know what I mean. I'm def not going dancing in these things! LOL (Like I go dancing =( -Anyways!)

I wore them for an hour to do the hour test- Walking around my home, up our stairs and just getting around. I was afraid that the insole was going to slip- sweaty feet will do that. But I was pleased to see that they have a sticky backing to them! Dr. Scholl's also states on their packaging that the sticky will not ruin the shoes they are placed in! What a great PLUS!! The hour test proved to be pretty comfy! I was not uncomfortable at all and was very surprised that my feet were not killing me in the least bit!

Will I be braving the streets in my heels soon?! OH YES! With Dr. Scholl's For Her High Heels insoles,  I might even go buy a few more pairs of heels! Yes ladies, they felt that good! And since the backing isn't sticky and gooey I was able to remove and save for my next outing in possibly a different pair of heels!

With the awesome insoles, I also received a few coupons for $4.00 off! I have researched online for you and priced them between: $8.99 to $7.97.  With $4.00 off you'll be paying for them what you would pay for a combo meal at a fast food chain.  I'm asking that you leave me a comment in you are interested in receiving a coupon so you can try out the insoles as well! When you leave me a comment I'll reply with my email address so you can email me your mailing address so I can mail it out to you!

I've got 3 to give away! Do you want one??  Leave me a comment please!!

The Skeptical Sweeper

I am a member of and received The Dr. Scholl's For Her High Heel insoles to review and give out my personal opinion. I was not monetarily compensated by Dr. Scholl's or BzzAgent for my review.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mamavation Monday Post

It's the end of the 2 week challenge and I'm pretty bummed about my progress.  I will say that I actually had a down moment while I was cooking dinner the other night..

I never do this- I actually ate chips right out of the bag while I drank a soda.  I never snack, so I realized that I hit a very low point. I went to Zumba on Wednesday night, ran on Thursday, did my 500 squats on Friday and did about a 4 mile walk with a friend.  I've yet to do my 100 squats today, so after I post I'm gonna do those.

My goal is to do 100 squats a day and 500 on Friday. Eventually I want to go up to doing 500 a day and then doing the momentuous 1000 squats every Friday. My friend Krista and I are doing this challenge together. I got her started on Saturday.  We both have the thigh issue so we are doing the squats for our butts and our thighs. LOL

But since joining the Sistahood I will say that my outlook on fitness has gotten on brighter. The Sistas are fantastic and so encouraging. I am sad that I didn't reach out that binge day. I should have. Next time I will. 

This post is sponsored by Dole and hosted by Mamavation – a community dedicated to obesity prevention & weight loss for women and I’m writing this to be entered into a giveaway.

Sweeps are EVERYWHERE!

Part 1 of my series post on Where do I find Sweepstakes?
I gave you an insight on a few places you can find sweepstakes. I wanted to post a picture of something I found the other night. 

I thought it was funny, that I'm always on "alert" for sweepstake opportunities and to spot this was pretty darn funny.
Before heading out on our run I was hanging out at my friend Krista's house. I was waiting for her and on her kitchen counter I noticed this package of gum!

Hot Dog! It's a Sweepstake!

I wasn't even looking for a way to win! LOL If you've been scouring the net for sweepstakes you are familiar with this (IWG) instant win game. ****Update this giveaway has ended- but it was a great reference.****

Any and every drink, food, snack has a potential to offer a sweepstake so always keep your eyes peeled for a chance to win!

Skeptical Still? Keep Reading, Start Entering so you can start WINNING!!

The Skeptical Sweeper

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mail-In Sweepstakes

Ah the good old mail-in sweepstakes. A thing of the past? Absolutely not! An easy win? Possibly!

If you've been sweeping for awhile you are familiar with mail-in sweepstakes. If you are new to sweeps then read on!

A mail-in sweepstake is an entry that you send in via the U.S. Postal service. What you might ask does a mail-in entry require? Most entries ask for the following but are not limited to asking more:
Your Name
Your Address
Your DOB (date of birth)
Email address

You are to submit a handwritten 3x5 index card with the required information.

One index card per envelope per day or per entry period.

Always read the "Official Rules" of any and all sweepstakes you are participating in. Some times you are able to submit a mail-in entry for additional entries. Who doesn't want additional entries right?! I know I do!

So start reading each sweepstake that you enter! If it's really something you would like to win look into the possibility of submitting more entries via mail-in's.

Skeptical Still? Start entering, keep reading so you can start Winning!!

The Skeptical Sweeper

Monday, May 7, 2012

Mamavation Monday

My first week as a Sista was wild! On Monday night I joined in on the Twitter party with #Mamvation. I got my stuff together and pledged the Sistahood! I'd been wanting to join this online get healthy momma group since hearing about it; and finally did!
I began to feel a little sick on Monday and it just got progressively worse as the week went on. Needless to say no much working out on my part was done :(.

I went out on Monday night after party for midnight run with a friend. We did 20 mins of 2 min walk & 2 min run. Then added sets of lunges, buttkicks, bench jumps, high knees & a set of push-ups to the mix. I only did one workout this week. My little sister and in and I was very sick with a sore throat. But I did participate in a 5k race w/obstacle course at Disney's Animal Kingdom! So I got my extreme sweat on as it was humid as all can be and very hot!
I'll be going to the gym tonight & do. Class or two to make it back for the Mamvation Monday party. Last week wasn't so good, so I'm gonna really throw it down this week.

Thanks to everyone's encouraging words! It means a lot!

Continued success to the Mamavation moms and all the Sistas!!!

This post is sponsored by Dole and hosted by Mamavation – a community dedicated to obesity prevention & weight loss for women and I’m writing this to be entered into a giveaway.

Friday, May 4, 2012

#FF - Fabulous Friday - Win some cash!!!

Hey there everyone! How was your week?! Are you glad it's over?! I am!! Here at our home we look forward to the weekends. Family time and ofcourse lots of FUN!

What are you doing this weekend? Me.. well actually we are headed to Orlando this afternoon. Going to the Lego store so my son can pick out some Legos & I've got to pick up my race packet for the Disney's Everest Expedition race tomorrow night! Super excited! I'm doing it with my friend Krista as a team.  It's a 5k race so not too scared about this one, although it has some obstacles to get thru and a scavenger hunt! Very excited as this is my first Disney race and hopefully not my last.

So I was thinking today about sweepstakes. Unfortunately as time has not been on my side (as you have seen with my lack of posts =( } I ask you to think about sweepstakes. I've asked what you'd like to win, but have you thought about "Why you'd like to win?" It can be some work to get all registered and then make sure to enter each day to maximize your entries. I will admit it's annoying sometimes, but when you get that email saying you won it makes it all worth it!

The person with the fourth response will win $5.00 Paypal money. If you don't have a PayPal account it's a great idea to set one up. A lot of sweepstakes from blogs you can win a cash prize sent directly to your Paypal account. Who doesn't like instant cash-ola!!  If you don't have a PayPal account and would rather not set it up I can mail you a $5 bill. Your choice!

Good Luck!

If you haven't won anything lately, this could be your win! Leave me a comment answering:

Why you want to win and what sweeping strategy has worked best for you.

Remember- 4th comment listed wins!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sweepstakes 101 Twitter Party **TONIGHT**

Are you available tonight at 9pm ET? If you are Join me (I'll be tweeting to win also!) and participate in a Twitter party thrown by the "Queen of Sweepstakes," herself- Sweepstakes Mama!

Here's the info below! Hurry and RSVP to be eligible to WIN!! Good Luck to you!!! Hope the Skeptical Sweeper Readers are WINNERS tonight!

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