Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Where Do I Find Sweepstakes?? Part 1

That's one of the first questions I am asked, "Where do I find the sweepstakes!?" Great question! Sweepstakes are sneaky little things, unless your feelers are on you can find them everywhere! Yes! They are everywhere. 

Here's Part 1-

Your Local Grocery Store
Every grocery store there are chances to win! Not necessarily sweepstakes being conducted by the actual grocery store but individual companies with products in the store. In the canned aisle sweespstakes can be advertised on the cans of different products! 

Canned aisle- A lot of soups have Educational Box Top slips that can be used to give your local school $0.10 for every top- what you don't know is that if you go to the Box top website there are sometime weekly sweepstakes that can double your contribution to the school or give you even more! That's a good thing to do for your local schools. I normally don't posts sweepstakes but this is a great sweep-stake that can benefit a lot of children. Gotta love that! 

Candy section- Sweet sugary goodness and a chance to win?! Say it aint so! YES-YES-YES! Packages of candy will be have that favorite phrase "Chance to WIN" plastered over it. There's always a chance to win some candy and money! Scan the candy stand as you are waiting in line to check out. Also if it's a candy that you enjoy it's a win-win situation. 

At the door- Yes! Some grocers have local sweepstakes that they put on so their customers can keep coming back! At our local grocery store back home they run several promotions I think about twice or more a year with either scratch tickets or board game themed. The more you shop there the more pieces of the puzzle you pick up and you could win BIG! 

Sweepstakes are every where online.  All you have to do is go to your favorite search engine, (ie., Yahoo, Google, Bing, etc) type in SWEEPSTAKES and you are off to a great start! The search engine can also take you to the different blog sites that provide lists and endless lists of sweepstakes. If you want easy access to sweepstakes I say sign up! If you enjoy the thrill of the hunt skip signing up for the sites. The websites provide a great service to readers by listing a lot of sweepstakes daily. Some even list the "HOT" winnable sweepstakes at the top of the page! 

I am a member of two different websites and frequent a site that lists a lot of instant win games. I enjoy the instant win games. Message me if you'd like to know which sites I frequent. 

Facebook, Pintrest & Twitter are also great sites to go thru for sweepstake notices. A lot of companines and brands will have a Facebook promotion and a Twitter- so if you are a member of both communities hey that's two chances for you to win! Some can be local sweepstakes, national sweepstakes or just specific for their Facebook and or Twitter followers. Even Pintrest has chances to win! Depending on who you follow or have "Re-pinned," you can come across a chance to win.   

Quick post for today! I will continue the places you can find sweepstakes in the coming days. With sweepstakes the possibilities are truly endless and if you look you will find them! Getting the win comes with persistence as well. 

Remember you can't win if you don't sign up! 

Skeptical Still?  Keep reading, start entering so you can start WINNING!!  

Candy -
The Skeptical Sweeper 

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