Friday, April 13, 2012

Wishing you a #FF Fabulous Friday!

It's Friday and I'm very happy! A few reasons for my happiness/excitement :

1)  It's Friday! End of the work/school week for my family so we can have some fun this weekend!

2)  The Ultimate Blog Party 2012 began today! Well the registrations the partying begins on Monday, April 16th with a Twitter party from 9pm-10:30pm eastern time! Be there or Be Square!!

3)  My son has a baseball game in the morning! Ezra and I will be rooting him on while daddy stands along the fence doing some daddy coaching.. LOL

4)  Take time to relax and enjoy our family time.  The work week can get so busy

5) My last long run with Fit 2 Run in training for the Iron Girl Half Marathon next weekend in Clearwater, FL! Goodness I can't believe it's next weekend already!! It's my first half marathon. I've been training since January so I'm looking forward to completing it.  I told my husband last night that I will be purchasing my 13.1 bead to go on my Pandora bracelet and a couple stickers/magnets with the 13.1 for my car!! If they made a shirt, I'd buy it too! I'm almost sure they do! It's a feat I've never in my life ever even considered attempting, so I'm really proud of myself.

Anyways enough about me! Tell me about you?! Is there something you are excited about for this coming weekend? Or in the near future?

Have you tried out a Twitter party yet?! If you haven't come out to the #UBP12 Twitter party on Monday. You must RSVP- You can do so here:

When you "see me" at a party say hello!! Remember I'm @candypo on Twitter.  SkepticalSweeper is too long for a Twitter Handle so I need to get creative.. soon!

Okie dokie guys and dolls! Leave me a comment- You never know what post I'll be choosing the $5 Amazon code winner from.  One a month and we are half way thru the month..

Skeptical Still? Keep Reading and I hope you have started entering.. Let me know if you win something!!

Candy -
The Skeptical Sweeper


  1. Good luck with your run(s)

    Stopping by from UBP to say hello.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. well I missed the twitter party but I always, always forget about those things. RATS!

    I hear you on long blog names. I mean, it took me FOREVER to think of a twitter handle for my blog.

    I'm really impressed about your running abilities. Gosh I need to work out more. I prefer to stay up too late reading
    but seriously, congratulations!

    Found you through UBP12