Monday, May 21, 2012

Mamavation Monday

Well it was another germ filled week at my house. I was sick half the week then my five year old got it the other half of the week. It sucked.. big time! So besides my daily 100 squats and 500 on Friday, nothing else was done.  Food wise, I was pretty good and didn't feel guilty about anything in particular and I've def upped my water intake. I hope to keep that up this coming week.

Other than illness, I completed my first full week on Weight Watchers.  I joined Saturday (5/12) and went for my first weigh in this Saturday- note worthy: Down 1.8 lbs =)  Which isn't awesome but it's a loss.. I'll take a loss! It'll always be better than a gain. Although Saturday & Sunday weren't point based- I'm hoping to pull it together this week and really get my workouts back up.  I'll be doing late night workouts with a couple of friends this week and I'll be running again.

I'm excited to run again, it's been a couple weeks. I'm going to be running on Wednesday with the group from Fit2Run- a running store at International Mall here in Tampa. I completed the half marathon training thru them. On Wednesdays they have free Fun-Runs and this week John Pyle will be running with us. Here's a link to his site  Mr. Pyle, a Sarasota, FL native, has been running across the United States with The Patriot Run Across America to raise awareness and $1 Million for the Wounded Warrior Project. I'm very excited! I'll make sure and post pics in next week's Mamavation post.

There's my share! Hope everyone has had a successful week!!

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  1. 1.8 lbs in one week is awesome! Remember 1-2 lbs a week is considered great.

    Wounded Warrior project is very near to my heart, I'm a USMC wife. I can't wait to see pictures and hear all about it.

  2. Hey - that's a GREAT loss. I hope you all get to feeling much better!!

  3. 1.8 lbs in a week is great! And we all have our days where we don't do the best, BUT it's a new week (or a new day) and we just keep on keeping on!
    Hope everyone is feeling better!

  4. 1.8 pounds is no small loss - great work! Have fun running!

  5. That's great that you're losing weight and doing something that works for you! Keep it up. :)

  6. 1.8 lbs in a week is AMAZING!! Own it girl. :)