Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Great World of Twitter Pt 1

Are you on Twitter? Are you active in tweeting? What celebrities do you follow & do they follow you back?

I have had a Twitter account since May of 2009- I must say I'm really impressed, I just looked up my join date. I only really began using my account last summer more heavily. I started off not sure of what the point of Twitter really was. It's not like Myspace or Facebook, it's totally different.  You can update your status but once you post it, it goes down the line when others that you follow post. A long time line that can loose your thoughts very quickly if no one is paying attention. I liked the idea of that type of anonymity. I followed a lot of celebrities and no of the followed me back so if I posted something to them they were probably not going to see it or even respond. My how that has changed. I have had several, I like to call them "Rock Star" moments with different celebrities either re-tweeting my tweets to them or actually answering a question I tweeted to them. Awesome! It rocks my socks what can I say.

Celebrities in my eyes are the ladies that have blogs that I would say are pretty huge in the blog-sphere, actors from tv shows some reality and some not and a football player, (only one #88 GreenBay Packer). Most recently Amy Brennemen () from Private Practice was online and I posted a question for you. Low and behold she answered me back. I was stoked!  Dont' get me wrong it's not all about star power, I also have actual physical friends and friends I've made since being on Twitter along with my two sisters. I kind of made them join since they saw I was having so much fun and winning by joining in on Twitter parties. It took me awhile to figure Twitter out and I must say I'm still learning. There are ways to filter your feeds so you only see tweets from people you really want to see tweets from and so on. Like I said I'm still learning. We can learn together! =)

This is a testing the waters post on what you know about Twitter.  Please reply with how long you've been on Twitter of if you've signed up for an account yet. What's stopping you from jumping in with the rest of us fellow Tweeps or what do you want to do with your account.  It's your voice and you can pretty much say what you want as long as it's not offensive or derogatory and of course it all depends on who's reading your posts. Do you have a blog? Have you linked it to your Twitter & Facebook account?

Again this isn't a sweepstakes post but it's related to winning in the way that if your successful in Twitter you can win  a lot of prizes answering trivia, doing scavenger hunts and participating in Twitter parties.

You can def be skeptical about the whole Twitter process. But you can choose to be open to it and give it a try just to see if it's something you want to learn more about.  Call it a waster of time or your time to win!

Once I get a feel for the questions some of you might have about Twitter, I will go more in depth into what works for me while using Twitter.

Skeptical Still? Keep reading... We will learn to trust in the process together.

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