Monday, March 26, 2012

I'm back!

After what seems an eternity I am back to working on my blog. My family took a bit of an "extended" spring break and we are now getting back into the routine of daily life.

I tried to "disconnect" a bit from the wired world, sweeps and twitter parties. I will tell you that I did not sweep while away but I did join in on a couple parties. It's an addiction.. I'm afraid. An addiction that I'm dealing with and only allowing a party here and there now. Def a work in progress.. Have you joined in on one yet?!

Anyhoo back to being back- This week I hope to get into the different ways of winning on my dear Twitter. There are various ways that you can feel the rush of winning without even having to log into a tweetgrid or tweetchat for a party. The Trivia Questions.  Oh yes you can win doing trivia! So Trivia buffs get on your marks!

Speaking of Tweetgrid and Tweetchat, I will go into both of those formats for Twitter parties as well this week.     Instead of just watching your feed on Twitter during a party you can actually modify so that you are only viewing tweets for the specific party you are chatting in.

As most of you know this is my first blog, my "baby blog" as I like to call it; I'm still very new at blogging and am hoping to get creative with my posts.  Including pics and possibly doing a video blog here and there. I'll be adding video-blogger to my title! Snazzy! But nothing to crazy, I just want to slowly expand to new medias and see where this takes me. I'm not out to conquer the world but so far this is fun.

Which brings me to the question of the post- Do you have a blog? Do you have any desire to blog? Yes-No If you do or don't what's keeping you from doing it?

I plan on adding incentive to my atleast one blog post a month beginning in April. Possibly a $5 Amazon code.. What do you think? Remember I'm small time.. =)


  1. oh, $5 sounds good to me, you can gets lots of items for $5 or less =]

    Welcome back, look forward to your posts!!!