Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Instant Gratification - Twitter Part 2

Instant gratification. The faster it happens the happier I am. During the month of January & three weeks of February I felt it everyday! I won pretty much every day except Sat-Sun (I don't do sweeps during the weekend).  I won from doing trivia and or participating in Twitter parties. The trivia or re-tweet contests are too easy not to do. The message will say "RT for a chance to win," so all you have to do is hit the nifty little Re-Tweet button and you're entry is received. No sign up for this blog, follow me here or there just Re-tweet. Of course I must add that you will need to follow the brand or person on Twitter to even be considered to win. But that's too easy right.

Chat online for an hour and during that hour you could potentially win a prize. What's easier than that right! Unless random chooser isn't on your side it's still a lot of fun to chat during a Twitter party. Either way it's an hour lost. Sometimes I think to myself that I'm just making time fly by doing these parties. Possibly trying to talk myself out of doing them but then "winning" takes over and tells it to hush. LOL

What if anything intimidates you about this process? Because it is intimidating, (or it is at least it is to me) I compare it to being the new kid in town. It can actually be like that at every Twitter party you participate in unless you develop friendships with other bloggers and twitter party-ers.  I'm not saying trade your bff's for the ladies online, just be able to sign into a chat and say, "Oh there's @candypo ! I wonder if she's won anything or which party she's going to after this one!" The more I see it, the more I think the world really revolves by networking.  That's why I highly recommend also joining in on a sweepstakes website such as  A lot of us" sweepers" "run" in tight circles where we bounce off of one another during parties. There was recently a party that the hosts were put in Twitter "jail" and myself and another fellow online friend were asking the special guest questions! We became the hosts for the party at that moment. It was very funny. Did you noticed Twitter "jail?" The Twitter Gods have deemed that certain people can only "tweet" so many times per day. I myself have been placed in jail a few times. My account is held and I can't post any more tweets. I can't even send a message, it's complete Twitter lock-down.  Pretty sad, huh? Eh, it gets better. Just taking watching my tweets from now on.

Most recently I noticed I surpassed the 10,000 mark for tweets! I should have paid more attention I would have done something cool. Oh well.. maybe at 20k? LOL

Have you tried out a Twitter party yet? Have you won?? Share with us! This blog is meant to share my experiences with doing sweepstakes and winning-sometimes.  I would like for it to be interactive so that my readers also share in their winnings and or experiences as well.  

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