Monday, June 11, 2012

Mamavation Monday

Here's my weekly post to Mamavation.

This week was a little more hectic yet I felt more in control. If that makes any sense. I was able to watch my calorie intake and hydrate way more than normal. Positive on that aspect. The majority of my week consisted of working on my son's school yearbook. I was able to get it done on Thursday. Thankfully! I ran one day and went to an exercise class 2 last week. Wasn't what I'd hope to do but I was glad I got some exercise in. This week is Zumba week for me. Going to make 3 classes hopefully. And run 2 days. Hope to drop 2lbs by Saturday's weigh in. 

Wednesday was National Running Day- I was glad I got to get out and run with the group from Fit2Run at International Mall. 3 miles- in the heat & humidity were not easy. I ran the majority of it but walked some since I felt like I was overheating. No bueno. But it felt good. 

Last Saturday I attended a summer event at Weight Watchers and a representative from a running store told me that Jeff Galloway would be coming to his store the following Sunday (today!) and invited me to come out and listen to him speak. I have been getting Jeff's newsletters for about a year now. The idea of run/walk/run kind of makes me think I'd be copping out. But after listening to him speak today I am super excited to begin training using his method. 

Jeff Galloway schooling us on his method & why it works. 

I purchased one of the many books he's published and also purchased a interval timer so it will buzz when my run or walk time is up. I tried setting that up on my iphone and it was nutty! So I'm excited about this little contraption.  So that's me and Jeff. My husband told me not to get all nerdy on him, I was super excited to go listen to him. It made my day the he took the time and really spoke with everyone personally while he signed his book. Wasn't just a sign and get the hell outta here type event. I was very impressed.  If you ever get a chance to get to hear him speak- go! 

Me & Jeff Galloway 
The Running Center store
Carollwood- Tampa area

Oh and I wouldn't be the Skeptical Sweeper if I didn't participate in a raffle while I was there. I won a 2012 Disney Princess half marathon necklace! Yay me! 

Until next week Sistas! 

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Shout out to Wendy & Hanan!! Kicking butt and taking names mama's!! Awesome! 


  1. How cool that you got to meet him!!! I use a watch for my intervals and love it!!!

  2. Good luck getting your Zumba in this week. That is so awesome that you were able to meet Jeff in person! I need one of those nifty buzz things. Hope you enjoy the book!

  3. How fun! It sounds like you're really pushing yourself to do as much as you can and that's awesome! Way to go!

  4. I didn't know who he was. Don't laugh, but I'm not a runner. But I think it's so cool u got to meet someone you adore. Xxoo

  5. Thanks for the replies ladies! I totally "nerded-out" when I saw the event to meet Jeff Galloway. LOL I've been reading his newsletters for about a year now. He has running clinics all over the United States. I asked him if there was a running group in west Texas- there's not so he told me to start one for him! LOL Right.. But the idea is nice. LOL

    This week is turning out to be fantastic. I'm feeling good and making great choices.

  6. Yay for the win! And great job on the running! :)