Thursday, February 2, 2012

Whoa it's been quite a week!

Sorry for the delay in posts, life has been a little bumpy this week. Nothing serious just lack of sleep and my sweet cranky baby.  I'll have to update my bio so you'll know a bit of my background.

Thanks to my wonderful husband and baby taking naps I have been able to participate in a couple Twitter parties this week. (If you are wondering, I did get some sweet wins!)

Did you "party" or "sweep" any this week? I "ran" into one of my readers a few nights this week on twitter.  I can't wait til her first win! I know it will happen soon! We will def post when she does too!  Once you begin your sweeping journey let me know! Share with us so we can be excited for each other.  My mantra on sweeping is, "Don't be jealous of someone else's win, they have put themselves out there for it and as soon as you do, you too will win!"

I get so excited when I read about other people's wins. 1- Because I feel that it makes a "Win" more attainable to to me as well.  If they won so can I! =) And thank God I have! I share my winnings with all of my family.  I can't wait to send my parents and inlaws on trips!

Have you mentioned to your loved ones that you are going to or have started entering sweepstakes? My parents & sisters think I'm crazy, but are amazed at what I have won so far.  My husband, he gets excited and has plans for the future.. I tell him not to get cocky. LOL  You never know when I'll run out of "luck."  Not sure if it is luck either.. I'm not sure what it is. But whatever it is.. I'm very happy about it. And if I stopped winning, I don't think it would break my heart either.  I'll just chalk it up to what it was, a Great ride! But for now this car doesn't plan on stopping.  Let's begin your sweeping story as mine goes along with it. =)

Let's get some comments going and share my site with friends!  I'll be taking Fri-Sun off this week. Feb 3 is my birthday so I'm going to take the day off. But from now on no new posts will be listed on Sat & Sun.  I've got some reviews that I'll be posting and more information on how you can also become a successful sweeper and winning at Twitter parties in the coming weeks.

The Skeptical Sweeper-


  1. You're right! It takes a little patience sometimes, but it can be helpful. It was definitely something that helped me this christmas.

    Happy Belated Birthday. I hope you had an amazing one!


  2. Thanks Christian! I had a great birthday weekend. =) You know sometimes it take a lot of patience, especially when you are tired and are on a slow streak. Are you entering sweepstakes now or just doing Twitter parties?

  3. Whoah, wait a min! You had a birthday? Sorry for being so late, but hey, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :)

  4. Thanks Tracy! It was a good day! =) Who am I kidding.. we celebrated all weekend =)

  5. a VERY VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU CANDY! see and that's why I love blogs, you get to know the person you follow lol I am grateful out of this whole big twitterverse to have found you. I wish you a very special year ahead filled with lots of joy and blessings. BTW love your blogging you go girl! push on!