Monday, February 6, 2012

*Caution* They are out to get you!!

A lot of people that I have spoken to about entering sweepstakes or following blogs have mentioned one concern to me.  "If I put my information out there, I'll get lots of spam & the possibility of identity theft!"  Don't get me wrong, those are both legit concerns and I too considered them when I first started entering sweepstakes.  Big Brother has been watching us for a long time now, you are on the net whether you like it or not. Unfortunately when you put out your information you do become more vulnerable to the possibilities of getting phished or getting your identity stolen. My recommendations, check your firewall, do sweeps of spyware and malware often on your pc and change your passwords often.  If you use a wi-fi connection at home make sure it's password enabled, so you aren't providing internet access to your entire neighborhood.  Another good tip is to never do any kind of personal surfing while on public wi-fi access. Others can get to your information via free wi-fi unfortunately. There's that on safety. =)

It's a good idea to set up an alternate email address so you don't bog down your day to day email address with sweepstakes information.

Overall it's all a gamble, that's the way I see it. I am out there.. I'm all over the net and I'm ok with it.  Are you? That might be the determining factor in getting into sweepstakes for you. 

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