Saturday, February 18, 2012

Life Happened This Week

I have to appologize for not posting any posts this week. This was one of the busiest weeks I'v had in a long time. I have been working on the freebie list for birthdays. I will be posting it on Monday. I have also been researching the best way to start a tutorial on particpating in Twitter parties. Have you joined Twitter? If you have leave your Twitter id in a comment so we can all follow each other. So during parties we can bounce off each other. Since being on Twitter I have "met" a lot of great people. Once you start attending parties you'll notice the core group of partiers. I've become one of the usuals, gosh I'm a little embarassed to say it outloud! Only because it would seem I'm always online. I have mywhereI'm available to party hard. But days like I've had this week I missed a lot of parties. I'm ok with that too. I first started after our son was two months old. He slept a lot so I had time. Once you get into the parties you will see what I mean. It's so much fun you hate to miss out, but its better if you pace yourself. Lets all plan to do a party one day soon. I think that would be awesome. I have had the pleasure of participating with one of my readers. I'm hoping for a win for her very soon. Another one of my readers won a blog give away last week! Very exciting! Again I appologize for my absence, I hope to come back strong this week. I hope you all enjoy e long holiday weekend. HAPPY PRESIDENTS DAY!!! Skeptical still? Keep reading, start entering & start WINNING!!!! Candy the Skeptical Sweeper

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