Monday, February 27, 2012

Do You LOVE the Movies?

Do you LOVE going to the movies and watching all the lovely award shows this time of year? I DO! I love going to the theater to watch movies as much as possible. The watching the SAG & Academy Awards I feel like such a movie critic because I've seen most of the films nominated! LOL

When we moved to Tampa I stumbled upon an awesome website . We have seen so many movies at pre-screenings in this area. Not only are you invited to a pre-screening of the movie before it comes out nation wide but the tickets are FREE! Yes, you read that right!

We have seen over 10 movies with many more invites that we have been unable to attend for various reasons. Just recently I have been receiving emails for invites to private screenings at least twice a week! If I didn't have a family or a life I'd be stuck at the movies living on a diet of soda and popcorn! If you live in a larger city it's a great site to check out. I'm not sure how often there are screenings in smaller cities but it's a good idea to sign up in case you are planning a trip out of town either for the day or weekend and you could possibly catch a pre-screening of a flick for free!

The only thing I would say about this program is that it's advisable to arrive very early for the screening. I'm not sure exactly how it works but there have been screenings that the line is hanging outside of the theater! Last week when we saw 21 Jump Street and the theater was empty! I always like to arrive about 30-45 mins ahead of the start of the film, in case there is a line. Some times they "over-book" so you may or may not get a seat to watch the movie. A friend of mine went to one pre-screening and left when she saw the line.  I wish I still had the picture! It's hit or miss but I say well worth the chance at a free flick that hasn't even opened nation wide yet!

The use of cell phones or any kind of recording devices in the theater is not permitted and is very enforced. The latest movie was saw there was a gentleman with a magnetic wand checking for electronic devices and during the movie the security scanned the audience with heat sensitive binoculars looking for recording devices in case someone made it into the theater with one. They also mentioned an interesting tid-bit: Movies are being made with a watermark now so pirating will be more difficult. I think it's a good thing so movies can't be boot-legged.

I hope you check out the site and I hope there are screenings in your area! It's not sweepstakes,  but a great freebie available! Check your zip codes for participating theaters! Here's the site again!

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