Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Do you Houseparty??

I have been a member of for two years now. I have been lucky to host parties from the following brands: Oscar Mayer, Bic Soleil, Febreeze, Johnsonville Sausage, Jack Daniels, Freeze & Shake Frozen cocktails, Sneak party of Ninja Warrior, Budweiser and most recently Riceworks chips.

How you ask? Simple! Just join You'll fill out a basic information about yourself so that Houseparty can pair you with parties that you will be good to represent. Once you are in the "system" you can check out all the available parties and choose which ones you want to apply for. Once you submit an application Houseparty will then determine who are the lucky people to get freebies form the sponsor. I'll have to upload pics later. You are going to be so surprised at how much stuff I've gotten- to share ofcourse! =) 

The box of goodies is mailed out FedEx to you and you receive a shipment notification to your email just to let you know it's headed your way. How cool is that?! Very! 

Don't think this site is only for homemakers they like to get a man's point of view as well! Men and women should both sign up for Houseparty! Some parties are for the over 21 public so you'll have to have your guests fill out forms stating that they are of age. A great precaution.

Have any questions about Houseparty?? Leave me a comment, please! This isn't exactly sweeping, but you aren't guaranteed a party unless you sign up.. So it kind of is. Gotta put yourself out there to get the cool stuff your way.

Has anyone started their sweeping journey?? Let us know so we can cheer you on! Also please share my site with others! There is plenty for everyone to win! I promise to get to the meat and potatoes of sweeping this week. I've been sidelined from running this week due to a nasty spur on my heel! =( Got a shot so I gota take it easy.

Skeptical Still? Keep reading, start entering & start winning!!!! 


  1. I recently signed up with Houseparty, it seems great! :)

    Great blog, wish you the best!!

  2. You're going to LOVE Houseparty! Good luck on getting your first party pack soon!

    Thank you so much!