Tuesday, January 31, 2012

You have a package on the Way!

A phrase that will make your heart jump with joy! Are you familiar with UPS Alerts? It was recommended that I set up a UPS account to receive notices when packages are headed my way via UPS. I signed up back in December and LOVE it! With the amount of sweepstakes I do enter (a lot), I forget to check and see if I win. Some contest will alert you of your win via an email. I understand some also notify you via telephone, so always answer your phone. Anyways on Sunday received an email from UPS Notifications stating there was a package on the way to me. The box was listed as 8lbs. What on earth could be coming, I wondered.

Thankfully I didn't have to wait too long, I received the box today! A couple weeks ago on Twitter, a company had a contest asking for a tip regarding dental care. I tweeted a response with the appropriate hash tag. I was notified that my tip was chosen along with four other people to receive listerine prize packs. I was super excited! That's what I received today! 7 bottles of Listerine, toothbrushes for children & adults, 1 flosses (full size), 5 hand held flossers. Totally cool prize!
Point of the story- if u are on twitter and see a company offering a chance to win via tweeting a message- do it! That's just another chance for you to score some freebies! Send multiple messages if you like. I submitted two for this one. And don't forget the hash tag!

Check out the pic of my loot :) Have a question? Leave me a comment or send me an email.

Skeptical still? Keep reading, start entering & start winning!!!

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  1. wow! that is a great prize pack! love the articles and thank you for the tip to tweet up :))