Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Wide World of Twitter

Are you connected to Twitter? The Twitter website offers lots of ways to win. From daily twitter contests to gaining more entries from following different blogs and/ or brands.  I have had much success with Twitter. I have won daily tweet contests for tweeting to a brand for example, I won a bag of white chocolate dipped pretzel twists from @FritoLay. I received the bag of via UPS. Yes, UPS, crazy right?!

If you have a Twitter account, please follow me @candypo . If you don't and want to join Twitter go to and sign up. There is a link on the left side of my page. Please don't add me to your cell notifications, you'll be really upset with me when your phone starts dinging because I am tweeting during a twitter party.  I might do one party a day if not two, depends on if I have time and if my son is sleeping.

Do you have any questions about Twitter? Leave me a comment with your question.

Please ask your friends to join my blog as well. I would like to get a good group of followers so I can start doing giveaways.  You do want to win don't you??

Skeptical Still? Keep reading, starting entering and start winning!


  1. I'm blasting your blog with comments.. but I do have a question. How do you control the flow of newsletters when you try to win something from a blog. I know some of them require you sign up for their newsletter in order to enter. I haven't entered many, because it might get crazy.. but do you?

  2. You know when entering the blog contests, I use the Rafflecopter and I just skip the entry that requires you to sign up for the newsletter. Personally I don't think this hinders your chance at winning the prize. Because if you think about it, it only takes one entry to win. Multiple entries of course increases your chances of winning, but it only takes one. So I save some room in my inbox like that. But I do sign up for some blogs that I read for enjoyment.

    Thanks for asking! I appreciate your questions! We are all learning together!