Thursday, January 26, 2012

What do You want to win??

Leave me a comment with a short wish list of what you'd love to win. 

Just for fun here's my list! Already scratched off a few too!
Amazon Kindle
Trip anywhere
A car
Cash Money
Apple iPad 2
Gift cards (Won a few already!) 

My year has started off great! Let's get you going!

Skeptical Still? It's totally ok to be. Keep reading, start playing and start winning! And leave me your wishlist! =)


  1. Haha.. well I have a lot of studying to do all the time, so I'm a slacking with the sweeps. But let's see..

    Amazon Kindle
    Gift Cards!
    iPad 2/Playbook/any tablet
    Tix to the Mavs/Dallas Cowboys/Texas Rangers
    Any small/big appliances are welcome!
    Things that would make good gifts for the sibs

    So far, I haven't gotten any of them, but fingers crossed right?

  2. You've got a great win list! Once we move back to Texas I'll be after the sporting game tickets also! =) You will win them! I know you will. Just be persistent when you aren't studying.

    Thanks for posting Christian!