Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The First Win

Sweeping or completing sweepstakes is exciting.  I first started to sweep I guess last year, but if it makes any sense I didn't really know what I was doing and just entered stuff here and there. Well not that I totally know the secret to winning big.. Because I don't. I'm still very new to the wide world of "sweeping."  With that said I want to give you an idea of how I've done since I first started "actively" and "seriously" sweeping on November 1st 2011. A list is posted on my blog on my instant win game wins and I also plan on putting out  a list of items I've won from Twitter parties.  That's a whole different animal that we'll discuss later.

First win ever came from an IWG (Instant Win Game) it happened to be an individual state contest so the odds were better but still nothing is ever guaranteed in the land of sweeping. LOL  Anyhoo I enter my information and "spun" the wheel.  $100 gift card to a local sporting goods store. I was so excited.  It felt awesome knowing that I had won a gift card. It was also in the middle of the night so I couldn't scream out loud to tell everyone of my win. LOL I received the email confirming my win and hope to receive my gift card in a few weeks after the promotion ends.

Now when playing a sweepstakes game when you win an instant win game you may not receive your prize until after the sweepstakes has ended.  Always read the Official Rules of each game so you aren't caught waiting by the mailbox for your prize. Because you could be there for a few months. With that said there are some sweeps that send your prize out immediately. So always read the rules just to make sure.

My advice to you is to join two of my favorite sites. The names are on another post. Find the post, sign up and then you are sure to start winning.

Skeptical Still? It's totally ok to be. Keep reading, start playing and start winning!

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