Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sites I Follow & You Should too!

Starting to sweep you have to be a part of some great sites. My top two favorite sweeping sites are
Sweeties Sweeps & Sweepstakesmama Links to their sites are on my page on the left.

Wendy aka "Sweetie," opened the world of sweeping to me. Her site offers fabulous insight and information. Sweetie also has a Secret Sweeps website, I highly advise that you become a member of this site  $25 annual fee. If and when you do just tell her I sent you.  Sweetie also offers sites on Freebies & Coupons a great way to receive freebie samples of different products.

Sweepstakes Mama is also a great site! Sweepsmama has a lot of sweeping info on her site as well and she also has giveaways. Make sure and sign up for those!

The sites might seem similar but they offer so much on the wide spectrum of sweeping and winning. Check out each site and maximize your chances to WIN! 

You will notice that Sweeties Sweeps shares a link to a Twitter Calendar located on Sweepstakes Mama's web page. So when you start partying on Twitter that calendar will help you decide which party you want to participate in that day.  Twitter Parties.. another post that you'll want to read. =)

Skeptical Still? It's totally ok to be. Keep reading, start playing and start winning!

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